PYRSOS was created by group of students from the Student Community of the E. Valsamidis High School during the academic year 1960-1961. It was formed because of the need to demonstrate the rich tradition and history of Naousa to its modern day citizens.

In 1970 PYRSOS was officially recognized as an association, consisting of athletic (truck and field, basketball, volleyball) and cultural departments. During the decade of 70s, the athletic department transferred to FAS NAOUSA while PYRSOS continued to concentrate on the cultural aspects. PYRSOS’s cultural presentations during the ‘70s where unique for that period. Examples of its achievements included invitations to elite speakers to attend and present lectures, sending the dance group abroad and the performances of foreign dance groups in Naousa were only examples of the activity, which continues up to the present day.

The largest folklore event held by PYRSOS that time was the 1974 festival of “WINE AND REACHES” which was held in conjunction with agricultural groups. During the festival, a well-organized exhibition of agricultural produce was also in full force. The folklore presentations during the “WINE AND VINE” week, (a festival organized by Naousa Town Council) were also high regarded.

The folkloric dance group of PYRSOS rapidly became well known and greatly sought after in Europe. Its first distinction was in Florina (1st Prize for Tradicional Music), then followed in DIJON, France (1st Prize for traditional Costume), in MATHA, France (3rd Prize in the Children’s Dance group), in PERNIK, Bulgaria, the Quadruple Gold Prize for dance, music costume and mask.

By sending the dance group overseas and inviting of foreign dance groups to Greece, PYRSOS obtained its rightful place in the cultivation and promotion of tradition internationally. It is a member of the Greek National Section of CIOFF and co-operates with 73 countries in the promotion of Folkloric Culture.

Its dancing groups made our town famous to the whole of Europe, the USA, China, Canada and Asia. In 1996 it represented Greece in the Folk Olympics in Brunsum in the Netherlands; in 1999 it travelled to the far-reached Taiwan to participate in the World Mask Festival, in 2011 it took part in the carnival of Nice, France while in the summer of 2011 it participated in a tour of France from south to north receiving 4 awards. RYRSOS is an organization with a vision.

PYRSOS, in co-operation with CIOFF and the help of the Municipality and the State, organizes successfully the International Folk Festival “CIOFF – PYRSOS – NAOUSA”. PYRSOS co-operate with 250 officially international Festivals.