The pioneer of the founding of the Torch was a group of guardians, of the School Community of the Emmanuel St. Schools. Balsamide. The activities of the association were initially limited to the school environment, sports, culture, etc. But the worries of young people spread their wings to travel to Greece, to Europe, and why not to the whole world. The exchange between Greek bands and other countries took place, with the result that our children travel and get to know Europe, Asia and America. At the same time, they opened windows for foreign bands that visited Naoussa and showed their culture. Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Americans, Russians, Ukrainians, Africans, Chinese, Croats, Indonesians, and more than 200 people attended the annual Torch Festival.

Over the years, this visionary association has made history and since 1961 has gone through various stages of development, from the close school environment to world-class actions. He presented a pioneering work in the field of culture and advertised Naoussa and its history abroad and thus became the best ambassador of the place.

The Festivals of CIOFF – PYRSOS NAOUSSA are organized every year on the initiative of the administration, and with the participation of members and volunteers, who offer their services at all levels of the organization, repaying with their work a moral debt to the Association. Also in the context of the social offer in the environment of their activity, sponsors participate with offers of items, food, etc., offering benefits in the form of advertising, through similar two-way cultural actions.

The 24th Torch Festival was unfortunately canceled due to the financial crisis and the non-financial support from the state, the Region and the Municipality but also from the lack of finding sponsors capable of supporting the needs of the Festival. We believe in the institution and we need the moral support and evaluation of our work by the society and the authorities of the place. From time to time there has been both moral and financial help. We will not forget as an association the phrase of the Academic, Minister of Culture Konstantinos Trypanis. “You are our best Ambassadors Abroad.” We keep the deposit.

The “PYRSOS” club has a destination, it has a road.