International Folklore Festival CIOFF

Our Association has so far organized 23 official international folklore festivals under the auspices of the CIOFF and another 4 unofficial ones before 1989. So the city of Naoussa at the beginning of July and for a week moves to the rhythm of the festival, welcoming over 250 young people and new from the lengths and breadths of the earth. Indicatively we mention that in our city have come dance groups from Cameroon, New Zealand, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Paraguay, Taipei. We consider it an honor to organize this Festival, which is a reference point for the cultural events of our city and beyond.

The bands are hosted in the facilities of the police school, a fact which is for us a favor of luck and are guided according to the program of the Festival in the rich archeological sites of our area. They visit the school of Aristotle, the Macedonian tombs in Lefkada, Vergina, Pella but also the industrial sites such as various wineries and agricultural cooperatives. They thus learn our multifaceted history and become our best ambassadors in their homelands.

In the success of this event we have supporters and helpers of dozens of volunteers who offer their services on a non-profit basis to this institution, which is supported every year by thousands of Naoussa residents and residents of our area. But this is not enough as the costs for such an action are high. Without the help of the state this brilliant event for our region would be an unfulfilled dream.

Unfortunately, for the years 2013-12 we proceeded to the cancellation of the Festival for purely financial reasons. The economic crisis that is affecting us, has led us to this very difficult decision.

For the year 2015, however, we wish the organization of the 24th International Folklore Festival CIOFF – Pyrsos Naoussa. We already have applications from dozens of bands from all over the world and we are in the process of selection.

We are aiming to invite bands from the following countries for the 2015 Festival: Argentina, Africa, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Russia, India and Serbia without having yet completed the final selection.

Even for the best organization of the Festival we have decided to do this every two years for a better result but also because it makes it more feasible in terms of the financial sector.